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Business during the COVID pandemic

During this crisis, we offer our deepest sympathies to anyone who has been affected by the COVID virus in this difficult time. We wish you good health as we all work together to overcome this and all other obstacles in the future. Know that we are here for you, and will continue to remain open for all your marking needs.

Here at Tocho Marking Systems we have enacted all measures possible to maintain a clean and safe work environment for the customers and staff. All non-essential staff are working from home, while we have also placed sanitizing stations every 15 ft throughout our offices and workshops. Masks are required at all times, and any handling of consumer products is done so with gloves to guarantee the virus cannot potentially spread in any way.

As always, Tocho Marking Systems is here for your marking needs. We are still open, and our hours have not changed. On behalf of everyone here at Tocho, please stay safe and know we are committed to support you however we can.

We will get through this together.