Free app standard

Battery, Wi-Fi, and a Smartphone?
Start marking!

Simple starting steps. Just download the Patmark app from the App Store or Play Store. Select the Patmark’s SSID on the WiFi using the serial number on the Patmark unit. Open the Patmark app, then key in your information.

Minimize steps

Type text Set up each parameter. Size, force and quality of text are adjustable.
Go to Settings and change parameters
if you need more customized settings.

Specification of standard app

Types of text Alphabet, numbers and various symbols
Standard fonts PM font
String text marking(marking over window) Automatic divide function.
Multiple-line marking Single line only.
Text height Choose from S, M, and L *1 to 15mm, 0.5mm pitch.
Marking force Choose from weak, medium, and strong. *Value from 0 and 9 (strong) can be specified in the default setting menu.
Font quality Choose from low, medium, and high. *Value from 1 and 9 (high) can be specified in the default setting menu.
Files Storable 255 files into the Patmark memory and storable files into a handheld device.