Rotary device

MB Chuck Rotary

MB Chuck Rotary

Auto rotation

1. Available with all MarkinBOX series.
2. A supporter is provided as an option.

  • Mark well on the circumference surface.
  • Mark on the circumference surface.

MB Chuck Rotary Specifications
Chuck specification Chuck type Grasping method Work size Grasp weight
External jaws Inside diameter grasp
3kg (6.5lbs)
Outside diameter grasp Φ10~Φ25mm
Internal jaws Outside diameter grasp Φ22~Φ63mm
External jaws Inside diameter grasp
Outside diameter grasp Φ10~Φ30mm
Internal jaws Outside diameter grasp Φ30~Φ80mm
External dimensions / Weight 100(W)×196(D)×218(H) / 4.1kg (9lbs)

MB Chuck Rotary Overview MB1010 Specification

MB S-Rotary

Manual rotation

Rotary marking can be easily performed for a low introduction cost.

  • Suit for small-lot production of rotary marking. Place the round parts then rotate it well done.
  • Suited for small-lot production. Place the round parts, then manually rotate.

MB S-Rotary Specifications
Head model Workpiece diameter Continuance digits Pause time
3315S / 8020S Φ10mm~Φ160mm
( 0.4″ ~ 6.2″ )
1 ~ 5 words 0.5 ~ 5 (sec)

S-Rotary Overview