Patmark series

Are you still
using a hammer?
Why don’t you grab
a safety tool?

  • Patmark-mini
  • Patmark-mini
  • A digital punch marker.

  • Patmark
  • Patmark
  • An ideal industrial marker.

  • Patmark-plus
  • Patmark-plus
  • An open wide marker.

  • Patmark-desktop
  • Patmark-desktop
  • A modern style benchtop marker.

MarkinBOX series

Unlike other marking technologies,
you can use the MarkinBOX
from the moment 
you install it.

  • Patmark-mini
  • MB3315S
  • Portability-focused
    compact marker.

  • Patmark
  • MB8020S
  • Mid-sized marker combining portability with a long horizontal marking area.

  • Patmark
  • MB1010
  • Desktop marker with larger marking area for a more diverse need.

  • Patmark
  • MB2015
  • Our largest MarkinBOX model.

MarkinLASE series

3-in-1 concept.
MarkinLASE guides you
into versatile tasks.
Means limitless possibilities.


  • ML-B-20
  • ML-B-20 Class 4
  • Base with Tool Post

  • ML-B-20 Portable
  • Base with Class 1 Mini Enclosure

  • ML-B-20 Enclosure
  • Base with Class 1 Enclosure

Customer Reviews

  • The team at TOCHO USA was amazing to work with through every step of the process.
  • ★★★★★
  • Eric made the perfect recommendation for the machine we would need for our application and checked in on us every step of the setup and programming process. The Tocho MarkinBox MB8020S was packaged very nicely from the supplier and came with clear easy to follow directions from start to finish. We have used the MarkinBox on a variety of projects and it has worked flawlessly every time without any errors. The follow up emails from Eric about the unit’s operating performance is a welcome bonus and should speak very highly about TOCHO’s customer service. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a marking machine.
  • Mike Wong
  • Automotive

  • Our Patmark Mini has exceeded our expectations.
  • ★★★★★
  • After almost two years of use our Patmark Mini has exceeded our expectations. The equipment is easy to use and very intuitive. It required minimal set-up time. We produce low volume and high value parts / equipment having machined parts as our core competence, so once we had all the parameters and part numbers inserted into the desktop application we were good to go. Battery life meets our needs, and the quality of the engraving is great. Up to this moment no replacement part was needed, and we see no sign of wear out given the fact that we take good care of our tool. This was one acquisition that paid off and we would highly recommend to those looking for a marking tool. Shout out to Eric Wagner who has been our Sales & Application Manager ever since the acquisition of the tool and has given us all the support we needed + is constantly following up on our activities. Great customer service!
  • Glauber
  • Wenger Manufacturing

  • MarkinBOX system is super easy.
  • ★★★★★
  • We’ve been using the MarkinBOX System in our shop for many years to engrave serial numbers into the tops of our Custom Shutter Panels. The system is super easy to use and has been the most efficient way to mark our product after attempting several other types of ways. It’s been so reliable that we now have 4 MarkinBOX systems working in our facility and integrates seamlessly with the custom written software that was created for our production operation. The customer service and technical support from our local rep, Eric Wagner, has been exceptional. We are extremely satisfied in working with this product and will always highly recommend it. Thanks
  • Doug Serbin
  • Avalon Shutters, Inc.

  • Very impressed with the MarkinBOX.
  • ★★★★★
  • Very impressed with the MarkinBOX. After looking into different systems, I originally was intrigued by the updated software. I found it to have the most options for different types of applications. Once I started playing with it I constantly found more! The DXF options and logo editors are huge time savers. The best part of this machine is the quality of the pin marking. Options are available that make the mark so crisp that it looks like it was done on a milling machine. The footprint is small enough that I have it set up in my basement with a rotary chuck and do not have to worry about any pneumatic requirements. This has been ideal for me because the engraving is perfect and it doesn’t come with the headache of extra noise! Awesome machine and will be purchasing another one day and hopefully by that time they will also have a larger rotary chuck!
  • Derryk Lenz
  • Alumination Canada

  • MarkinBOX makes creating a custom engraving as easy as 1 2 3.
  • ★★★★★
  • MarkinBOX makes creating a custom engraving as easy as 1 2 3. The technicians are nice and very helpful 5 star customer service.
  • Stacie Smith
  • Xtractor Depot, CA

  • After a year of ownership my Patmark has exceeded my expectations.
  • ★★★★★
  • After a year of ownership my Patmark has exceeded my expectations for serializing components and part number marking through ease of use and minimal set-up time. Within minutes of unboxing my Patmark and downloading the mobile App I had parameters dialed-in and engravings completed successfully. I’ve continued to use the mobile App for serializing thousands of components and more recently used the desktop application to complete complex logo engravings with the same ease of use and consistency I’ve enjoyed from day one.Overall satisfied of my purchase and thrilled with the customer service and technical support as I’ve begun more complex projects with my Patmark.
  • Andrew
  • Deco Plastics LLC, CA

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